Sliders Wraps

Sliders Wraps & Sandwiches

Fingerfood med komplexa och exklusiva smaker.

Våra uppskattade sliders,wraps och sandwiches anpassar sig lätt efter ditt tema – eller bryter in i det som en exotisk smakexplosion.

Serveras med glädje!


2. Decadent Dane(V)

Flamegrilled patty with meltet danish cheese, camelized onions and a pickled slice of apple.

5. Crispy Kimchi Chick

Fried chickenbreast breaded with panko, topped with pickled plum & kimchimayo.

8. Crispy Oriental Variety

Pork braised in coconut milk, sesame oil, lemongrass and garlic, salad of mint leaves, fresh chili and cilantro, topped with crushed pork rinds and gomamayo.

M. Special of the month

Flamegrilled beef patty, cooked onions, mustard, ketchup, home made fried onions & 'chiliremoulade'

3. Sloppy Mama

Braised pulled beef in red wine sauce with pickled red onions, topped with crispy bacon.

6. Ugly Duckling 

Braised pulled duck- and chicken breast in sweet chili and hoisin sauce, topped with spring onions, sugarsnaps and peanuts.

9. Fish–o–rama

Fried panko breaded fish, on a bed of burnt white cabbage, topped with a fresh tomato slice & chili remoulade.

(V) = option for vegetarian patty

All Sliders are Topped with Mayo

1. Triple Truffle Cheese (V)

Flamegrilled patty with brie, parmesan and blue cheese, 3 kinds of fried mushrooms (seasoned), topped with trufflemayo.

4. Little Miss Fatty  (V)

Flamegrilled patty with a creamy mixture of red bell pepper, chili, almonds and onions, topped with cheddar, crispy bacon and pickled squash.

7. Jalapeño Cream(V)

Flamegrilled patty with a fat jalapeño cream, balsamic-marinated strawberries and carmelized croutons of ryebread.

45:- /st

Minsta antal 10 st av samma sort


BUFFALO CHICKEN Grilled chicken, cheddar, romaine, Roma tomato, celery salt, buffalo sauce & bleu cheese dressing


CHICKEN BACON AVOCADO Grilled chicken, bacon, romaine, avocado, Roma tomato, cucumber & balsamic vinaigrette

CHICKEN CAESAR Grilled chicken, parmesan, romaine, house-made croutons & Caesar dressing

SPICY TUNA Albacore tuna salad, romaine, Roma tomato, olives, banana peppers, chipotle sauce & balsamic vinaigrette

THAI CHICKEN Grilled chicken, romaine, Chinese greens mix, sweet chili sauce & Thai peanut dressing



Turkey, cheddar, romaine, Roma tomato  & mayonnaise in a whole wheat wrap

38:- / st

Minsta antal 10 st av samma sort


THE EARL’S CLUB  Turkey, bacon, Swiss, lettuce, Roma tomato &  sandwich sauce

THE ORIGINAL 1762®  Roasted beef, cheddar & horseradish sauce

CHIPOTLE CHICKEN AVOCADO  Grilled chicken, bacon, cheddar, avocado, lettuce &  chipotle sauce

TUNA MELT  Albacore tuna salad, Swiss & mayonnaise

THE FULL MONTAGU®  Roasted beef, turkey, Swiss, cheddar, lettuce,  Roma tomato & mustard sauce

FRENCH DIP  Roasted beef, Swiss & sautéed onions, served with au jus

CAPRESE  Fresh mozzarella, Roma tomato, basil & balsamic HOLIDAY TURKEY  Turkey, cornbread stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce  & mayonnaise

HAWAIIAN BBQ  Grilled chicken, ham, Swiss, pineapple & BBQ sauce

ITALIAN  Salami, capicola, ham, mortadella, mozzarella, Roma tomato, Italian seasoning & Italian dressing

VEGGIE  Feta, cucumber, red peppers, red onions, lettuce,  Roma tomato & creamy Mediterranean dressing

HAM ‘N’ SWISS  Ham, Swiss & mustard sauce

35:- /st

Minsta antal 10 st av samma sort



Pulled pork, syrad lök och chilimajonnäs

Avokadocrème, ärtskott och grillad paprika

Räkor ceviche, lime och färsk koriander

Pancettakorv och aioli med rostad paprika

Rödbetshummus, sparris och ingefära

Matvete med guacamole och het mango

Grillad rostbiff, senap, gräslök och pepparrot

Viltfärs, getost och surkål

Kyckling, caesardressing och bacon

Tonfiskröra med dijonsenap

30 kr/styck

Minsta antal 10 st av samma sort

Alla priser är exklusive moms och transport. Moms på mat är 12 % och moms på övrigt är 25 %.

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